Are there Over the Counter Pimple Tablets that Really Work?

For so many teenagers and young women and men, pimple has been a never ending struggle. The pimples are not only skin disorder, but also a hurtful condition that can affect the social life of the sufferers. Due to the outbreak of acne pimples on the skin so many teenagers get frustrated feeling that they are not attractive and beautiful. If in case you are dealing with these types of serious acne that is intolerable and unsightly, it is essential to consider using the pimple pills to treat acne.

Acne pills

But it is very essential to take the assistance of dermatologist before taking the pimple pills, as they will know that you need acne pills or not. These pills will balance hormone levels in your body, strengthens skin with essential nutrients and also detoxifies your skin. If in case you get a little amount of pimples on your face, termed as mild, then taking the pimple pill is the best option. These pills may contain active components. These components work by destroying bacteria on the affected areas of the skin.

2Although the pimple occurs on the surface of your skin, the actual cause of pimple appears within the skin’s lower layer. The major over the counter prescribed acne pimple pills delivers more powerful outcomes by attacking the acne deep below the surface of your skin. The right type of pills will prevent the sebum from being overproduced.

Over production of hormones are results with Sebum that caused by the hormone imbalance in the body. The pills mainly focus the glands which are produced by hormone. Thereby help to keep you body in a good balance.

The most acne pills suggested by the doctors are antibiotics and accutane. On the regular basis our body is filled with toxins. These toxins may exist in the air we breathe or the food we eat. You body manifests these toxins in your skin. The powerful pimple pill, from the inside cleanses your skin of these toxins. So these pills are very effective in eliminating the toxin trapped in the body. In addition to these it also offers essential vitamins to your skin. These vitamins very aid in protecting your skin from future acne. Using the pimple pill is very beneficial when you have mild, little amount of pimples. But in severe conditions, effectiveness of these pills may not be up to the mark, so consult the dermatologist is very important.

What are the Best OTC Herbal Products for Oily Skin and Clean Pores?

Oily skin, is not only shiny but also coarse and dull colored; and acne prone. It can develop more serious issues such as whiteheads, blackheads, redness, enlarged pores, potential scarring and so on. If in case you have oily skin take control with oily skin care to have clear skin. In addition to this it is also very beneficial as it clear the pores to keep your skin healthy and beautiful.

Causes of oily skin

The cause of oily skin cannot be predicted, but it is very probable, that the lifestyle and heredity plays a significant part. Hormonal imbalance that appears mostly in the teen years, at menopause is also the main part of the issue. The skin is the largest organ on the body; it shows the state of our emotional health and general physical health. Birth control and pregnancy pills will change the hormonal activity and affect the skin.

Enlarged pores


The sebaceous glands that produce the skin oil are more active in areas like nose compared to other areas on the face. In addition to this, the nose is also the site of pores. When it comes to the combination skin, face is normal and dry, but around the nose there will be excessive oil. On the upper arm, chest and back the sebaceous glands are also more active.

OTC herbal products

The amount of oil produced by this gland is out of control, due to hormone imbalance, and then symptoms of oily skin will be reflected. This may cause the common problems such as production of pimples and blackheads, enlarges pores as oil clogs the pores of the skin. Oil skin care treatments involve OTC herbal products to keep the skin clear and also keep pore getting blemished from appearing and clogged.

Internal treatment would be the best for oil skin, means eating balanced meals, and take care of mental and physical health will benefit your skin. Using the natural herbs one can easily treat their oily skin. The OTC natural herbal products for oily skin can be used without a prescription. These products are not expensive and safer than the typical treatments to clean pores; which are available without side effects. This natural herbal product for oily skin care may include highly beneficial ingredients such as the need, Basil leaves, Aloe Vera and so on. So the OTC herbal oily skin care products are beneficial to control the excessive oil and also to clean the pores. Even these products are antiviral, anti inflammatory anti fungal and antibacterial.